Fine Art Portraiture, Pet Portraits, and Landscapes

 While her main focus is Portraits, Anne enjoys all facets of painting and drawing. Contact the artist if you would like to create a loving memory of your pet or loved one.

Emotional, Spiritual & Social Catalysts

The ultimate vehicle for expression, art bridges the gaps between backgrounds, classes, beliefs, and time. It encourages thinking and dialogue. It also is a catalyst for change. Art is mankind's storyteller and storybook.

Artists Statement

Art is an expression of a person’s inner self. We are all works in progress and our painting ability reflects that. We should all be striving to produce our very best and contribute to this world in a positive way. To some people their artistic talent comes naturally and easily. To others, like myself, it is a steady uphill climb where we see the need for constant improvement. Regardless of how we achieve it, the journey towards fulfilling our full artistic potential is worth striving for.

Events & Exhibitions

Turning Away, oil

Currently showing at Lemon Tree Gallery in Cape Charles, Va

301 Mason Ave
Cape Charles, VA